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Blind Faith

January 25, 2015

Bible Text: John 9 |


Questions for Community Group Discussion

  1. There are circumstances where people are either born disabled or become disabled as a consequence of sin (i.e. drunk driving, drug abuse, reckless or violent behavior, etc.). Are they to be considered any less than a person born with a disability through no apparent fault? How might God use this person to display his works?
  1. There are an estimated one billion people in the world who could be considered disabled. Do you think the subject of disability is being adequately addressed in the church today? In what ways could GBC be more involved in ministering to families impacted by disability?
  2. How might you show Christ-likeness and minister to a woman or a family that has just discovered that their unborn child has Down Syndrome? Consider how this might look if the family was either Christian or non-Christian.

Discussion Guide is also available for download below.

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