What is the Purpose of a GBC Small Group?

Gresham Bible Church small groups exist to help cultivate a culture of discipleship.

What is a GBC Small Group?

Because of what God has done for us through the gospel, a community of believers is to be about inward care (John 17:17) and outward mission (Matthew 28:19 -20). GBC small groups fuel a culture of discipleship as we respond together to the person and work of Jesus Christ. A GBC small group community is not a church; it is an outpost of GBC. A GBC small group is not community for the sake of community; it is a community committed to multiplying God’s Kingdom through Growing, Giving, and Going (see GBC Membership Covenant).

If you are not in a small group, you are seriously missing out! Small groups are an integral part of the ministry of Gresham Bible Church. We believe that the fellowship, accountability, and encouragement that goes on in small groups is vital in the lives of believers at GBC. This is where church really happens, when we share with each other our joys, our struggles, our defeats and our victories. If you’re looking to get plugged in, there’s no better way to do it than by joining a small group.

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