Purpose of the Local Outreach Ministry:

We believe that as our personal faith and maturity in Christ grows, so too will our desire and ability to impact the community God has placed us in as individuals and as a church body. Sacrifice and compassion for others are values to us, not as a means to righteous standing before God but, in response the the righteousness of Christ that was freely credited to us as believers.

The Local Outreach Team exists to create channels for individuals in the church to serve together in meeting of real needs around us. We rely on connections with local ministries and the eyes and ears of church members to identify, bring forward and participate in these ministry opportunities.

Every opportunity carefully & prayerfully considered. When resource limitations arise, priority is given to the extent that an outreach opportunity promotes to one or more of the following considerations:

  • Forming meaningful, relationships with lost and hurting people.
  • Serving side by side together and further building relationships with one another.
  • Allowing children to participate or be involved in some way.
  • Allowing one or more small groups to serve together.
  • Supporting/coming along side existing ministry partners reaching our area.

To submit needs whether inside or outside of the Church, please email Noel Rodman.

For updates on service and outreach opportunities, like the “GBC Local Outreach” Facebook page.

There are many ways that our serving together can be organized to meet a given need, including:

  • A small group or multiple small groups coming together.
  • Organization of a church wide volunteer event.
  • Assembly volunteers with specific skills for the given task.

Local Outreach also coordinates support for local ministries led by church members and various aid and encouragement to the school that we occupy on Sunday Mornings. Examples are:

Dexter McCarty Middle School & Teachers

Gresham Bible Church reaches out to the teachers with gift cards for their classrooms, and treats for them on special occasions. We support needy families from the school for outdoor school and at Christmas time.

For more information, please email Noel Rodman.