The GBC foster/adoption ministry focuses on preparing & supporting families to open their homes to children in need, here in our community and across the world. We are called to care for the orphan and be front runners in this global mission. Embracing these children as our own comes with its own joys and challenges. Facilitating small groups, training courses, and information, we work to provide resources to help families and children become successful forever families. Come join us and help provide help and homes to these precious children!

Pressing Needs…. is an Adoption fundraiser GBC does each fall for any of our church families who are in the adoption process! Ryan’s Juice company in Hood River has graciously donated most of our apples in the years past! We spend a whole weekend pressing apples to make the fresh cider and then have a large event with raffles, kids activities, a bake sale, and of course lots of cider tasting! The cider is available for purchase and all proceeds go to the adoptive families adoption fund! Please see the Pressing Needs website for more information.

Email: Jason Bock
Email: Lynsey Bock