Update Email 6.8.2017

June 8, 2017 Admin GBC

Church Family,

This coming Sunday I will preach Psalm 1 and talk about our devotional life. I am praying that God will use this message to prompt more regular times of personal devotion with the Lord.

Also, as a help I want to recommend two excellent resources about the devotional life of believers. The first is an article by Francis Chan and the second is a message by Jen Wilkin. Both are inspiring.

Below is a not so brief update on the life and ministry of GBC.

Here is how you can pray for GBC and our work in the world

  • Let’s pray Psalm 63 this week. May God cause our souls to be satisfied in Christ. Pray that our delight in God will cause our hearts to rejoice and our lips to praise. Pray that our minds will be fixed on the Lord and that we would meditate on Him and His word. May our souls cling to Jesus.

Here is what’s happening in the life of the church

  • GBC Spotify Playlist
    Marc Peter has curated a “GBC Worship” playlist on Spotify. In the playlist you will find the majority of the songs we sing as a church. We hope that you will be encouraged throughout the week by listening to and singing the songs that we sing together on Sundays. And in preparation for Sunday, be sure to listen to “Glorious Day” and “Death Was Arrested” before our Sunday gathering.

  • Fishing Derby
    There are 5 spots remaining for the Father & Child fishing derby on June 18th. Email Dave Raz if you would like to participate. It will be a very fun afternoon.

  • 5th Grade Graduation!
    Lisa Perez and Megan Wood, our fearless children’s ministry leaders, have decided to launch a formal promotion for outgoing 5th graders (from their Harvest classroom into the regular gathering). This coming Sunday we will publicly recognize the 5th graders who will become a regular part of our worship gatherings.

  • Small Group Leaders Meeting
    This Sunday, June 11th, there will be a meeting for current and prospective small group leaders at GBC Suite 110. Please contact Mike Dahl with any questions.

  • Camp Out
    During our elders’ meeting last night we learned that Rob Strickland has not yet signed up for the church camp out. Don’t be like Rob. Click Here to register for the camp out!

  • 4 Things From Student Ministries
    #1 The June 14th BBQ has been moved to Wed June 28th. June 14th will be a regular youth group night in Suite 110.
    #2 Click Here to see the summer youth group schedule and forms.
    #3 For regular communication, consider joining the private GBC student ministry Facebook page. Click here to join.
    #4 Parents of 5th graders meeting this Sunday, June 11th in the Harvest room directly after service.

  • Church Picnic
    The church picnic is Sunday, June 25th. Nicole Chase needs someone to lead the setup team at Red Sunset Park before church. Please contact her if you want more details and would consider filling this role. nill.chase@gmail.com or (503) 729-6985

  • Deacon Interest Meeting #2
    This coming Sunday we will have another deacon interest meeting after the service in the choir room. This meeting is for anyone who is intrigued and for folks who strongly aspire.

  • Women’s Ministry
    Cristy Slawson is hosting a women’s ministry prayer gathering on June 14th at 7:20pm at her house. Contact Cristy at theslawsons@gmail.com for more details.

Our Upcoming Gathering

Lord willing, Dave Berry will lead our service, Marc will lead us in singing and I will preach Psalm 1. Please pray for our gathering, read over the text and come ready to worship.