Update Email 11.16.2017

November 16, 2017 Web Admin

Church Family,

Thank you for all of your prayers. Our family is on the mend. We were very sorry to miss Sunday’s gathering. However, I am grateful for my brother Dave Berry and the excellent sermon he preached on very short notice.

Below is a brief update on the life and ministry of GBC.

Here is how you can pray for GBC and our work in the world

  • Let’s pray this week for The Friendship Corner which ministers to Chinese students training to become pilots in Troutdale. Pray that God would provide more workers for the ripe harvest. And pray that scales will fall off of blind eyes revealing the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here is what’s happening in the life of the church

  • Friendship Corner
    We have a lot of Chinese pilots who don’t have friendship families and we’d love to get more of those guys into Christian homes to experience Thanksgiving in a loving and hospitable environment. If anyone is able to welcome a few of these students, please contact Kerry and Josie Sinclair at kerry-josie@juno.com or 503-251-4779. If you are unsure but interested, you can also talk to Dave and Beth Rau or Nicole Chase.
  • Free Online Seminary Classes
    Want to grow your knowledge and understanding of the Scripture? Or, want to sharpen your gifts so that you can better serve the body? Consider investing some time in one of the free online classes provided by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Enjoy!
  • Dexter Chili Feed
    If you signed up to bring food for the Chili Feed please bring it to Elise Peter this Sunday at our morning worship service.
  • Christmas Brunch – Volunteers Needed!!
    Our annual GBC Christmas Brunch is coming up on December 17th. We need 6-7 volunteers to help with decorating, setting out the food, clean up, etc. Please email Michelle Waggoner to sign up to help. There will also be a sign-up sheet on the resource table over the next few weeks.
  • Save the date! Day of Fasting – November 29th.

Our Upcoming Gathering

Lord willing, Dave Berry will lead our service, Marc will lead us in singing and I will wrap up our series in Job (38-42). Please pray for our gathering, read over the passage and come ready to worship.